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Quality parts and services

At Elevator Company Guys, we offer quality elevator parts and services at very affordable costs. We have been in this industry for the last three decades during which we have developed the skills and the capacity to offer quality services that will surely leave a smile in the faces of all our clients. In addition to this, our elevator company deals with parts from the top elevator manufacturers in the country hence the quality of the elevators as well as the various parts and components are never in doubt. Give us a call today at 800-516-3840 for more information on our services as well as the cost of acquiring them.


Safe installation services

We have factory trained technicians who will conduct a safe installation of any kind of elevator in any building. Our technicians have received adequate trainings in all types of elevators and they constantly attend industry workshops and seminars to appraise their knowledge and skills. We also have state of the art equipment to run diagnostics after each and every installation just to ascertain that every component is in order and the elevator is ready and safe for use. Contact us today for professional and safe installation of any type of elevators.


Dealers in different models

At elevator company, we have aligned ourselves to different manufactures of quality elevators so that you can at all times have the best elevators for your buildings. Whether you are looking to install one in a residential or commercial building, you will have plenty of options to choose from. It is also important to point out all the elevators or parts you get from us have a warranty thus giving you the freedom to replace them should you notice any defect before the warranty period expires. Contact us today for quality elevators made by the top manufactures in the country. The number to call is 800-516-3840.

For these and any other such services, please contact Elevator Company Guys on 800-516-3840.

Elevator maintenance

The key to having a safe, efficient and comfortable elevator is to plan for regular maintenance. At Elevator Company Guys, we offer various maintenance packages that will prevent your elevator from having constant breakdowns thus causing lots of inconveniences to the users. Depending on your preferences, we can plan for weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance schedules we will come and offer the necessary maintenance practices to ensure the safe operation of the elevator replace worn out parts and run diagnostics to identify the parts that are likely to fail so that we can offer the necessary remedy in good time. Our elevator maintenance services are available to both commercial and residential elevators. Contact us today if you want the best maintenance services from a reliable elevator company.

Elevator repair services

Being one of the best elevator companies in the region, we have established a reputation for ourselves as the go to guy for anyone who needs quality and reliable elevator repair services. Our repairs services will ensure that your elevator is back and running in the shortest time possible to avoid causing a lot of inconveniences to the users. Get in touch with us via 800-516-3840 for reliable and affordable elevator repair services.

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